Workshops for Schools and Teachers

Our primary focus is giving teachers the tools they need to create positive and inclusive learning environments, and to address important and mandated VIT requirements for students with learning disabilities.

WORKSHOPS and seminars for pre-school, primary and secondary teachers who encounter students with special needs. Presentations to meet 2017 VIT requirements cover:

  • Identifying, assessing and addressing learning difficulties
  • Understanding learning difficulties
  • Teaching students on the Autism Spectrum in mainstream classrooms using differentiated strategies
  • Successful transitions for all students
  • How to write an Individual Learning Plan

Who should attend?

All teachers are required to complete a professional development unit focused on Special Needs prior to September 30, 2017. In order to maintain VIT registration, every Victorian teacher must now declare any professional development (PD) activities undertaken in the previous two years that develop your capability to teach learners with a disability (Special Needs).

Please email us to organise tailored presentations for your school or educational setting.

Jamie Coombs
Cressida Crossley

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