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Learn about Autism and Inclusion in 20 minutes – using this Emmy Award winning film

This film is Emmy award winning and you can see why – it is a gentle and kind look at what it is like to be a young person living with ASD but better than that it tells the story of how these young people are supported and loved by their friends. A film that shows inclusion!

Quite long at 20 minutes – but a great resource for teachers, parents and students.

This is what the film’s makers have to say:

“Just Like You – Autism” launches an exciting campaign that calls our communities, our kids and the world to learn, understand and accept those living with autism. JLY-Autism harnesses the power of film to connect and create empathy in others in an unprecedented way. The film’s documentary techniques capture the real life stories of Morgan, Austin and Christian and their best friends/sibling, Brooke, Tanner and Addison. They explain their lives with autism in relatable everyday scenes. The kids and narrator, former NFL quarterback, Trent Green, explain sensitivities, behaviors and model how to be a good friend to someone living with autism. Those who see it will understand and accept people living with autism for who they are on the inside. JLY-Autism boldly seeks to foster a world of people who know about, understand and accept those living with autism by sharing the perspective of courageous individuals who are not defined or limited by their conditions. Instead, they are “just like you.”

Just Like You Films have been presented to the United Nations, won the 2013 national TASH Positive Images in Media Award, the 2014 AMC Cares Award and the 2014 NDSC Education Award. 

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