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What Everyone on the Autism Spectrum Really Needs Is Kindness

This has been a challenging week for everyone in Australia’s Autism community. In some ways the thoughtless and ill-informed comments of Pauline Hanson have been a positive thing and clearly the out-pouring of public support for anyone touched by autism is significant.

This week we have seen public statements by very public voices acknowledging for the first time the impact of autism on their own lives and while I am sure the decision to go public was not easy it saddens me that autism is ever hidden.

So instead of explaining why Pauline Hanson is wrong – let NESTS once again change the conversation. And instead we are asking our followers to pledge to be a little kinder and more understanding to anyone in our community touched by autism.

Here’s what you can do:

What this means is very simple – don’t judge children who are behaving badly instead ask parents if you can help and how. Invite the child with autism in you child’s class to play but before you do find out the things they like/dislike and anything that will may upset them.

And learn more about autism – but remember every child with autism is different. If you know one child with autism, you know one child with autism.

Listen to Waleed Aly because he is an awesome speaker and has a son on the spectrum. Waleed reminds us all that there are “a million different ways” for kids with autism to learn. You can read a transcript of his radio interview here.

Or even better, I think is this article from the Guardian.




Take the pledge here.

And tell us, how will you be a little kinder?

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