Why use us?

NESTS adapt each session to the specific needs of each school or educational setting. 

Why choose NESTS Education workshops?

By giving teachers knowledge and practical strategies they are better able to run an effective classroom for all of their students.

To address important new professional development requirements that address the needs of learners with disabilities for all teachers.

Jamie and Cressida will adapt each session to the specific needs of your school population.

Sessions will specifically outline teaching activities that:

  • Support the participation and learning of students with special needs
  • Identify differentiated strategies 
  • Explain how to implement and establish inclusive and positive interactions
  • Identify and assess students
  • Include practical strategies and learning activities
  • Support the learning of gifted and high achieving students 
  • Support working with teachers, students, families and all professionals 

Sessions fast track teacher understandings by providing strategies that teachers can use immediately to address the needs of all learners.

Please contact us to have workshops and seminars developed for your specific needs or book now for upcoming seminars.