In September 2017, Cressida presented at the Asia-Pacific Autism Conference 2017 in Sydney, on “Implementing the Circle of Friends”

“I have been at this conference for three days and have seen world famous experts on Autism speak, but Cressida’s presentation was the best here. Her passion and love for her students is evident in all she says and I only wish more educators could inspire teachers as she has done here. Cressida was the best thing at this conference.”
Allen, Parent | Sydney, Australia

In July 2017, Jamie travelled to Canada and spoke at schools there.

“Your presentation has had an immediate impact on our staff. Immediately after your presentation one of our new teachers came to me with a list of ideas to implement for one of his students based on the principles you spoke about. There was so much positive feedback from all of staff. You really informed everyone and refreshed everyone to consider some new ideas and possibilities. Your passion for Autism shone through very clearly. We are so appreciative to you for coming to speak with us.”
Sarah, School Psychologist | Grant Park School, Winnipeg Canada

NESTS PD feedback

“This PD was important, relevant and practical. I like how you both use examples from your own teaching practise.”
Hannah, Student-teacher at RMIT University | Melbourne, Australia

“Clear messages and important information for all educators. I will be putting these strategies in place in my classroom tomorrow.”
Claire, Teacher at The National Education Summit 2016 | Melbourne, Australia

“Love these educators. They are practical, sensible and passionate. If every teacher was as clear-sighted as Jamie and Cressida, our schools would be better places. Listening to them, I believe that I can make a difference in my student’s lives and I can start tomorrow. Please get them back soon.”
Brian, Teacher | Melbourne, Australia

“NESTS PD sessions are a bargain! Go if you can – book them for your school today. The emphasis on current research, government policies and practical responses is something that so many other presenters lack. Great to hear new ideas and new insights. Other presenters seem to have been saying the same things for years. NESTS knowledge is impressive and listening to them is terrific. Great sense of humour too.”
Ingrid, Teacher | Melbourne, Australia